7 Day Insurance

Free 7 Day Driveaway Insurance

What is Driveaway?

Driveaway is an insurance cover for all customers purchasing a new or used car from a registered dealer. This superb benefit provides 7 days' free comprehensive insurance cover, subject to you meeting the terms and conditions and removes the hassle of arranging your insurance before collecting your new vehicle.

How do I get Driveaway?

First ask your salesperson for your new vehicle's registration number, their unique dealer code and the date from which the 7 days' insurance should start from i.e. the date you will collect your vehicle.

Then, there are two options available to our customers to arrange free 7 days insurance. Both options are equally efficient and straight forward and customer can choose which ever they feel is appropriate for them. The two options are:

1) WEB ONLY - Aviva Driveaway Cover

Simply visit www.instantdriveaway.co.uk with your dealer code on hand and follow the prompts. In less than five minutes you'll be offered free temporary coverfrom Aviva.

The cover note is sent directly to the dealer's online secure system where they can set start date and time, so that your cover note will be ready for you to collect when you pick up your new vehicle.

2) CALL ONLY - HPI Driveaway cover

Call HPI UK call centre on 0800 010 6060 with your dealer code on hand. you will be taken through a simple process and after that the advisor will give you a quote reference number and arrange for your 7 days cover note to be emailed to your dealer so that your cover note will be ready for you to collect when you pick up your new vehicle.

Terms & Conditions: Only one 7 days free policy is permitted per customer per vehicle registration number, valid email address must be provided and the insurer's acceptance criteria also applies.

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