About us – AutoInfusion Bristol

About us

We began life in the early 1990’s as a specialist vehicle preparation company for large fleet operators Bristol directly for motor manufacturers and leasing companies. After 7 years of vehicle preparation, we then developed into an Internet web based company which has now been operating for 5 years and access to over 30,000 cars at its finger tips. The next phase of our expansion programme was to triple and then double our turnover year on year by purchasing and refurbishing a former car dealership site in 2005. Since then we have won numerous awards for the unique and diverse way we have expanded, grown, developed our customer base much better than our competitors.

Autoinfusion derives its concept from two attributes. The first relates to automotion, reflecting our automotive heritage and the second relates to infusion, compiling together a multitude of products and services. Autoinfusion aims to fuse together the customer, their specified vehicle and any one of the number of services and products as part of a comprehensive package to our customers.

Good Quality

We pride ourselves on having very high standards in all our products and services. We believe our product range is of much better quality than the standard independent dealer. For example we have prepared cars for presentations at international motor shows.

Value for Money

We provide clear, simple and transparent pricing. With no hidden extras in the way we operate we believe our products and services are also highly competitive.

Brilliant Customer Service

We are that unique independent dealer that provides friendly, human and relaxed approach but still being professional in the way we work with and build relationships with our customers.


We are continuously improving and innovating the way we work with our customers in providing products and services. Our research We created our own unique customer development strategy aptly named the Autoinfusion experience. This has numerous awards in the industry


At autoinfusion we motivate and encourage all our staff not only enjoy what they do but also regularly work with our customers to ensure their experience more pleasurable.

Autoinfusion provides a range of product and services related to vehicles and vehicle sourcing and is especially focused on providing the broadest possible types of automotive products and service compared to the standard independent dealer.

Autoinfusion is a full service agency offering the following products and services:

  • New and Used Vehicles
  • Leasing brand new vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles (Vans)
  • Full after sales service (including workshop and servicing)
  • Full Finance Facilities
  • Valeting Service
  • Vehicle Exporting
  • Warranties
  • Breakdown cover
  • Insurance

All our autoinfusion approved vehicles are guaranteed to include the following:

  • All vehicles have been corporately owned (no private owners)
  • Purchased directly from financial institutions and fleet companies
  • Prepared to exceptional high standards
  • Have gone through a comprehensive multi-point PDI
  • Have verified full dealer service history
  • FREE 6 months unlimited mileage warranty (with options to increase to 3 years)

Our research on customer forecourt experiences led us to design our own unique visionary customer development training programme. Aptly named the Autoinfusion Experience we have moved away from the traditional pushy sales strategy and into the demand management led strategy which works with what the customers needs. We now have a team which has been hand picked and trained in the specific Autoinfusion methodology. At the heart and core of the Customer Development Strategy (CDS) is building a relationship and portfolio with each and every customer. This is done by getting to know the customer understanding their current and future needs (e.g. expecting children or safety as a key feature). This helps us not only help our customers choose the most appropriate vehicle but also make them feel more relaxed and communicate with us at a much more greater level of ease. This unique training programme encourages staff to use their initiative allowing their natural creativity to shine through. Our CDS strategy has won awards for the unique way we make customers feel welcome, they make purchases from us and recommend their positive experience others. For example this includes three generations of the same family purchasing from us.