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Benefits Of Leasing

Leasing benefits

Driving a brand new vehicle may be cheaper than you think. If you do want to acquire a brand new car, why not consider leasing it? Leasing is probably one of the most efficient ways of acquiring a brand new vehicle, whether you are a corporate or private user.

Leasing helps those that want the flexibility of changing their vehicles without the headache of long-term commitments and vehicle depreciation.

Buying Brand New

Buying a new vehicle is probably one of the most expensive purchases that you are likely to make. Most vehicles will only keep around 25-30% of their new cost value after 3 years/36,000 miles. Even the most desired vehicles would only keep about 55% of their value; however, these vehicles usually cost in excess of £40,000 to purchase initially.


Whether you’re a business or you have opted out of the company car scheme, we have all the options to put you in a new vehicle of your choice. The underling theme is that you use it but do not own it. People or businesses that normally lease vehicles have no main advantage in owning them; they would rather use them but still claim the benefits as if they did own it.

Our Legwork

We are constantly searching the market for the best leasing deals in the UK for businesses and personal users. These are placed in the special deals section and are updated regularly. When you are looking to lease a vehicle, this should be your first point of call to enquire if your desired vehicle is available or an appropriate alternative. This is where the greatest savings are made. As these deals are updated regularly, we advise you to join our mailing list to ensure that you never miss that special deal.

Leasing Benefits for Businesses

  • Enjoy tax benefits of leasing
  • VAT registered businesses can reclaim elements of VAT incurred
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Lower monthly rentals compared to typical purchase repayments
  • No disposal worries
  • Improve the image and outward appearance of your business
  • Full maintenance contracts available
  • Reduce unexpected costs and administration
  • Off Balance Sheet Funding

Leasing Benefits for Personal Users

  • The perfect alternative if you have opted out of a company car scheme and want the same benefits associated with your previous company car
  • Lower deposit than typical car loan
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Lower monthly rentals compared to typical purchase repayments
  • No mandatory final payments
  • No car to sell at end of contract
  • Full maintenance contracts available