Important Message
During lockdown we are still open for click & collect and home delivery. Once you have chosen your desired vehicle please contact us. We will discuss your requirements with you. For example, if the vehicle needs a new MOT, service or if you want an AA Inspection if not already carried out. You might need finance, road tax added to the order etc. Everything will be done prior to delivery or collection slot. Rest assured. There is no loss in our service and we will strive hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle. If you are browing outside business hours you can reserve the vehicle online . Read our testimonials. We have many happy customers throughout the UK.


Holding Deposit

In this scenario, you have viewed the car on the internet and have made enquiries on the car with ourselves. However, you do not want to commit to the car until you have physically seen the car and have had a test drive. You want us to reserve the car for you and give you first refusal. We will then hold the car for you for up to 3 days (72 hours ) for you to make arrangements to view the car. Once you have viewed the car and it is not what you want then we will simply refund the deposit on your card.

If however, you fail to turn up within the 3 days then the deposit will be forfeited and the car will go back on sale. This is only fair because in the 3 days that we hold the car for you we have given you an undertaking that we will not sell it to anyone else. We generally do not accept holding deposits during the weekend period.

Purchasing Deposit

This is when you have agreed to purchase the vehicle and we have pulled the vehicle of sale and are in the process of preparing the vehicle for your collection/delivery. In this case, a deposit of 10% of the invoice value is charged. The How To Buy section explains when this deposit is applicable.

If you fail to turn up the deposit will be forfeited. This is because we have prepared the vehicle to your specification, ordered any extras such as road tax, etc and have told all other interested customers that the car is now sold.

The only time that this deposit is refundable is when we have misrepresented you in any way in terms of the vehicle specification or condition. For example, you ordered a blue car and it is actually black or the mileage was incorrect. You would be sent an order for the car at the time of deposit which will detail everything about the car.

We request the customer pay the balance before or at the point of collection via online banking. Where online banking is not available we can accept debit card.

Payment Method Comments
Chaps/TT The moment received in our Bank Account.
BACS 3 Working Days
Internet Banking The moment received in our Bank Account
Debit Card
No Charge
Credit Card
Business/Charge Cards
No Charge
Customer - Self arranged finance Upon receipt of cleared funds