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During lockdown we are still open for click & collect and home delivery. Once you have chosen your desired vehicle please contact us. We will discuss your requirements with you. For example, if the vehicle needs a new MOT, service or if you want an AA Inspection if not already carried out. You might need finance, road tax added to the order etc. Everything will be done prior to delivery or collection slot. Rest assured. There is no loss in our service and we will strive hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle. If you are browing outside business hours you can reserve the vehicle online . Read our testimonials. We have many happy customers throughout the UK.


Our commitment to customer satisfaction and bespoke services does not end simply with the purchase of your new vehicle. At autoinfusion, our vision is to meet all your vehicle needs regardless of whether you purchased it from us or not, by offering a range of products to enhance, modify, protect and effectively maintain your vehicle.

About Autoinfusion

How long have you been established?

We have been incorporated as a Limited Company since September 1998. We operated as sole traders prior to this.

What are your company details?

Our company no is 3627626. Our VAT no is 713027378. Our FCA NO is 6765736

What is your background?

To work for autoinfusion, first and foremost you have to be passionate about cars. Secondly, you must have an eye for quality and detail. Thirdly you must constantly strive to improve. You learn something new every day. Finally, the product has to be good enough for you otherwise you will have no passion for our products and services. Our current team have over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the motor trade.

About Our Cars

Do you charge admin/doc fee?

NO definitely not. This is a practise used by car supermarkets and some internet companies. We are totally opposed to this. We only charge £99 AA Inspection fee on inspected vehicles.

Do your cars have MOT?

Once a vehicle reaches 3 years old it needs a valid MOT to be driven on UK roads. If the current MOT is under 6 months we will give you a new 12 month MOT.

On part-exchange clearances, if the current MOT is under 6 months it is our discretion if we give a new MOT.

What is Autoinfusion approved?

The vast majority of our stock has been labeled autoinfusion approved. These are cars that we have cherry-picked from the UK's most prestigious fleets. They are corporately owned, verified full-service history, multi-point inspection, 12 months mot(if current under 6 months) & unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty if the manufacturer's warranty has expired. All autoinfusion approved vehicles sold at screen price benefit from the above.

Have your cars been inspected?

All our cars have been inspected and tested prior to customer collection and delivery. Majority of cars have also been AA Inspected. Please see the About Our Cars section or details of our quality control process.

Do your cars have full service history?

The majority of our cars have full-service history and the majority of them have been on fully maintained contracts. If the car does not have full-service history for whatever reason you will be notified. We now show pictures of the service history so that you can see for yourself.

I have seen a car that you have for sale but it is not Autoinfusion approved, shall i still purchase it or do i comprise in anyway?

These are still quality vehicles and come with the same benefits as the approved vehicles. The only difference being that they may not come from a corporate source or they may be missing 1 stamp in the service book. We have not yet managed to locate it. They still go through the same quality process.

You say that you have a quality control process and you adhere to ISO but why have you not registered?

ISO 9000 is an excellent tool to monitor quality, performance and to ensure safeguards are in place. The reason that we did not register is because we are mainly selling to end-users where this is not a requirement. If we were tendering for local or national government contracts then we would have to register.

You claim that you are competitive how true is this statement?

We price match our stock with all our competitors on a like for like basis every week to ensure that we offer the highest quality vehicles in the UK at the most competitive prices. We have invested in software that automates most of this for us.

How strong is your after sales?

We want your business for life. If you have any after-sales issues we will genuinely help to resolve them for you. We offer you a 25% discount on your mechanical labour charges through our workshop. If you are in our locality we will pass you our trade discounts on your tyres or any other automotive requirement that you have. The proof is in the number of customers who continuously return back to us to renew their cars. We know it is far easier to sell to an existing customer than to sell to a new one, so it makes sense to look after you and hopefully, in return, you will continuously use us for your automotive requirements.

Do you offer extended warranties?

If the manufacturer's warranty has expired we give you 6 months standard warranty free of charge. On part-exchange cars this is reduced to 3 months. You can extend these warranties in various ways. Please view the warranties section for further details.

Are all your pre-owned vehicles HPI checked?

We guarantee free title on all cars that we sell. We use Experian to check the status of our cars. With part-exchange clearances we will give you a copy of the Experian/HPI copy which shows the clear title of the vehicle. Our fleet vehicles are guaranteed to have a free title.

I checked the car and it still has finance on it but you claim free title?

There are 2 reasons for this. Some of the leasing companies have not removed their interest on HPI or Experian but they no longer have an interest in the car. We can produce a satisfaction letter that states that they no longer have a financial interest. Secondly, we may use stock finance to purchase our cars, once the car leaves site the car is taken off the system but it may take a few days to update on HPI or Experian.

Do your cars come taxed?

Road Tax no longer passes onto the new keeper. we can tax the car for you if you want at the time of order. Alternatively, you can also tax the car yourself online at the time of collection by card or direct debit.

Do you offer Driveaway insurance?

Yes, we can provide driveaway insurance.

Used Car Sourcing

You claim that you have sold cars without the customers inspecting them with only 1 cancelled order?

This is correct. It is about fully understanding the customer's requirements and delivering a product that meets and exceeds their expectations and ensuring that we maintain our criteria.

What is the difference between physical and available stock?

Physical stock is vehicles that are available for immediate delivery. Available stock is vehicles that we currently have access to and can be sourced from our vendors as soon as a deposit has been made for the vehicle.

You have emailed me suitable cars and they have guide prices on them. What does this mean?

The guide price is our recommended price but this is our own professional judgement. However, you may not want to pay this price because you may have seen similar cars cheaper or you may think that our guide price is too low. Once you have received an email and you are happy to proceed with the vehicle we will then agree on a price before purchase and this price is fixed.

What type of vehicles do you sell to vehicle sourcing customers?

For sourcing customers, we only supply cars that meet the autoinfusion approved criteria. If we can?t find the car, we will only look at non-fleet sources with the customer?s consent.

What if you have found a vehicle for me, I have paid the deposit and then I change my mind?

Once we have sourced the vehicle that you desire and you have paid the deposit, you receive an order confirmation. This details the particulars of the vehicle including the model, derivative, colour, mileage, specification etc. If at the time of delivery the order confirmation is inconsistent with the vehicle delivered/collected, a full refund will be offered. For example, the order stated a colour of blue but the actual colour was red, the order stated 80K miles but it was actually 99K miles. In cases like these where you have been clearly misrepresented, a full re-payment of the deposit will be offered. However, if the order confirmation is consistent with the vehicle and you simply no longer want to pursue the vehicle sale, no refund of deposit will be offered.

I want you to source a car for me. Do you still offer finance and take my car in part-exchange?

Yes, we offer full dealer facilities with vehicle sourcing as we do with our showroom cars.

I have paid the deposit. Can I pay the balance at your premises at time of collection?


What is the minimum deposit for used car sourcing?

10% of the invoice value.

How do I receive the vehicle?

There are three ways in which you can take receipt of your new vehicle. You can collect the vehicle from our premises in Bristol, or alternatively, subject to availability, have the vehicle delivered on a transporter or driven to your chosen address in mainland UK. If you choose to have the vehicle delivered this will incur an additional delivery charge.

Part Exchange

Do you take part-exchanges?

Yes, we will take most cars in part-exchange. You can get a valuation over the phone or by completing a part-exchange appraisal form.

Is your part-exchange price binding on the phone or online?

No these part-exchange quotes are only provisional. They are only binding once we have physically appraised the vehicle at our premises.

What do you do with my part-exchange?

We normally trade out part-exchange cars. However, if we are in a position where we cannot trade the car, then we may sell the vehicle. The car will be classified as part-exchange clearance. Your part-exchange would not be sold as an autoinfusion vehicle.

Deposits & Payment

What are your payment methods?

We accept virtually all payment methods, cash, cheque, BACS, CHAPS and internet banking.

When do you release the vehicle for collection/delivery?

Only upon confirmation of cleared funds.

What is your cash limit?

Due to money laundering laws we are only allowed to accept up to £9,000 in cash.


Do you offer full finance and insurance services?

Yes, we offer full finance and insurance facilities that you would expect from any reputable dealer.

Do you offer finance for people with bad credit?

Yes, we have specialist lenders who are set up to help people who have previous credit problems or may have a low credit score.

What finance products do you offer?

We offer all the car finance models that are currently available. These include Hire Purchase (HP), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Lease Purchase, Motor Loan and even HP with balloon. Full details are available on the finance section.

Can you finance the negative equity of my part exchange?

Yes, we have negative equity products.

Do you have any Islamic finance products?

We can provide 0% finance depending on the product and status. We also have a facility with IBB if required.

How long does it take to arrive at a finance decision?

If you have an adequate finance score we can do this in about 5 minutes. If your credit score is not so good it will take longer due to us having to send the proposal to the appropriate finance company.

What documents do I need to complete the finance contract?

In most cases, we just need to see your current photocard driving licence (both parts) in your current address. If you do not have this we may require seeing:

  • Proof of ID
  • Passport
  • Proof of Address

2 proofs of address within 90 days. These can include utility bills such as gas, electric, water, council tax bank or landline telephone bills, credit card or bank statements. We must see the original documents. Mobile Phone bills and non-EU driving licences are not normally accepted.

Can I settle my finance agreement?

You can settle your finance agreement at any time. We can give you a settlement figure at any time.

How competitive is your finance?

We offer the best car finance products from the UK?s leading financial institutions at the most competitive rates available at the time. We have deliberately not quoted an APR here because it is a static page.


Do you offer extended warranties?

If the manufacturer's warranty has expired we give you 6 months standard warranty free of charge. On part exchange cars this is reduced to 3 months. You can extend these warranties in various ways. Please view the warranty section for further details.

What are the main conditions of the warranty?

You must service the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and have it serviced at a garage that is VAT registered. You must not use the vehicle for hire & reward purposes (taxi driver).

Can I extend the warranty after the period I took at time of order?

You have 30 days to extend the warranty.

What is your highest level of cover?

AA Gold is our highest level of cover.

Vehicle Exporting

Why do you only supply to commonwealth countries?

Because they drive on the same side of the road as the UK

Can you deliver a car to any country?

We can quote you for freight to any country. You will have to clear the customs yourselves when the car has arrived at the destination port.

Is the car insured whilst in freight?

Yes, the car would be insured up to the point of destination. This is an additional cost that has to be paid by the customer.

When can the VAT come off the car?

When the car is going outside the EU or going to an EU member country where the customer is a business and VAT registered.

Why do you hold the VAT until the car arrives at the port of destination?

To combat fraud and money laundering. Secondly to avoid the possibility of the vehicle being re-sold in the UK.

Do you sell cars to the Republic of Ireland?

Yes, the Irish are our largest export customers we have.

Who does the Irish registration of payment and taxes?

When you arrive back in ROI you have to visit your VRO office and complete all the paperwork, registration, plates and payment of VRT taxes. The onus is on you to complete this process to make the vehicle legal and roadworthy in ROI.

Do you deliver to NI OR ROI (Ireland)?

We can give you an exact quote to your door. However, we find that most of the Irish customers collect the vehicle. The main reason for this is that there are regular flights from Dublin to Bristol International Airport (BIA). Secondly on the return routes, there are two ports that are accessible namely Fishguard or Hollyhead.